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Have your GPS data with you. At all times. Wherever you are.

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See your tracks, routes and waypoints right on spot. Zoom in, zoom out or hit the info icon for more details.
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Detail View

Get all your relevant details: Distance, elapsed time, elevation. Btw, for distances you can chose to display miles or kilometers.
Gpx Track Details

Supports Geocaches

Routetastic supports popular geocache formats.
Supports Geocaches

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Quickly scroll through the contents of your files. You`ll find your tracks, routes and waypoints. Need more details? Tap the line or open the map for the whole overview.

Pull down to search.

List View

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Infos About Every Track Point

Location, elevation, distance, time since previous point.
Track Points

Sort and Filter

Sort items by name or date.

Configure what to show. Routes, Tracks, Waypoints.

Open Files Directly from Your Device

Open any gpx file on your phone from the files app. It's as easy as it gets!
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